How are you doing?

I’m Solus, a freelance artist.
I have been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil.
Drawing is something I have always done and have enjoyed.
Being a self-taught artist, everything learned has been through practise, experimentation, and courses.
One is never done learning, and that exact motto is something I stand by firm when it comes to creating art. Whenever I draw, paint, write or experiment with other mediums, I always learn something new. I even specifically set up new goals to learn with each new piece, challenging myself.

My artwork is my way of communicating to you and showing you a glimpse of my mind, my imagination, and my personality.

I am always learning and trying out new things; new art styles and new media. I enjoy creating worlds and characters in particular, helping others make their worlds and characters come to life.

I have followed several courses to learn and improve my skills. These are -but not limited to- :
+ Traditional drawing and painting
+ Photoshop
+ After Effects
+ Blender
+ Corel Painter

I enjoy both traditional and digital as a medium. From pixel art to watercolour I undertake various styles.
My aspiration is to create my own games and provide my services to those who create games, as I find converting art into a more interactive medium to be extremely interesting and inspiring.

There is almost nothing I cannot do! If there is anything you would like, feel free to ask me and I will happily give you a quote 🙂
Be as specific as you can be, this will greatly help the process. However, if you need help with describing what you want, you can also let me know. We will work together to make sure you get what you’re happy with!