The moment you have commissioned me or have placed an order with me, you agree to my Terms of Service (ToS).
My ToS can be updated any time.

How do I work?

I like to keep in constant contact with the client, this will go by e-mail. Why? Because that way I can easily keep track on what has been said, and what you want to have. Not only that, but both of us (you: the clent, and me: the one who has received the order) will have it documented in case anything is unclear or anything happens.

As the client, these are the steps you and I will follow during the process of the order. It is important to note that communication is key. I want us both to be happy during the process:

Step 1) Request quote 
You send me a message (by e-mail / contact form on my contact page) what you would like to commission me for. Please mention as many details as you can of what you would want. I strongly encourage and advise you to send me links and/or images attached in the email of the character(s) you want to commission me and of any attributes / accessories / landscapes you would like to add into the commission. If you do not have any images readily available, please provide a detailed description of your character. (I can work purely off of written description alone!)
Example images are allowed (e.g. an image of a pair of boots you saw in a picture somewhere you would like your character to wear).

Step 2) Receive answer 
I reply back with any questions I might have and / or the price quote (check the base prices on my commission page for a rough estimate). Once everything is clear, I will accept or decline the commission.
I will typically only decline if it is something I do not feel comfortable with drawing.
Everything must be clear and agreed upon between me and you (the client) before we can proceed to the next step of payment.

Step 3) Payment
a.) Concerning commissions (ordering a newly created product, one-of-a-kind):
50% or 100%* payment upfront (if applicable including shipping costs) through bank transfer (IBAN/SEPA). All prices and payments are in Euro’s (€). I will not accept payment in any other currencies.
The first 50% is non-refundable.
If applicable this will give you the ability to receive a sketch from me on which you can provide some criticism. However, changes that I find are big and/or numerous which exceed the initial price means I will charge additional fees. This will be communicated with the client.
Reflection period: If you have ordered a physical commission (drawing, painting, figure, etc.) you do not have a reflection period. This is a one-of-a-kind product and is especially made for you.

b.) Concerning orders (ordering a product from my store):
100% payment upfront including shipping costs through bank (IBAN/SEPA). All prices and payments are in Euro’s (€). I will not accept payment in any other currencies.
100% refund may only be done when the product(s) has not yet been shipped.
Reflection period: If product(s) has been shipped and you do not wish the product any longer for whatever reason, you inform me first and then you may return-ship the product unopened within 14 days of receiving the product(s).
You are responsible for return shipping costs.
If the product(s) has returned, the cost of the product(s) itself will be refunded. The cost of return-shipping will not be refunded.
The cost of the product will not be refunded if the package has been opened or if the product(s) has been damaged / is missing.

This is the final step with regards to placing an order via my store.
For commissions continue with the rest of the ToS.

Step 4) Accepting sketch
When you, as the client, have accepted the sketch with any changes that you would like to have, the full 100% payment must be paid before I start finalising the product / image.
As soon as I have received the full payment I will stay in contact with you until the piece is completed and you have received it.

Step 5) Completion
The product / image will be completed during this step. There are no more revisions or changes during this stage. You will receive a .PNG format unless discussed otherwise.

Examples of what I can do:

  • Sketch, line art, flat colour, shading
  • Figures
  • Character designing
  • Reference sheets
  • Watercolour painting

And much more!


  • Haggling for a cheaper price after the agreement and payment will not be tolerated. If you do so, I have the right to decline your commission and the payment will not be refunded. I also reserve the right to decline you a commission spot in the future.
  • I only accept payments currently through bank transfer (IBAN/SEPA transaction). If you are outside of SEPA/EU then additional charges may apply to the client (e.g. currency exchange rate).
  • Generally I work on a first come, first serve basis. However, if you have a certain deadline in mind (for example Valentine’s or Halloween) please tell me when you first contact me. That way I can tell you whether or not I can finish your piece on time or if any extra charges may be placed as rush-order.
  • If it will take me longer than expected to finish your piece, I will message you. If I can mention an estimate, I will do so. 
  • I always stay in contact with the client during the process. The client will have to reply within a reasonable amount of time (within 14 days unless discussed otherwise).
    If I do not hear back from the client or am unable to contact them and therefore cannot complete the commission, the payment is un-refundable and I will not continue to work on the piece. The commission will be marked as completed.
    If client does want product to be finished after, extra charges will be incurred.
  • Costs for printing and shipping of a commission are not included unless specifically mentioned. Please inform me if you want your commission to be printed and shipped, that way I will include the cost in the quote and give you the total of your commission including printing and shipping.
  • Be aware you are placing an order / commission with a freelancer who has certain chronic conditions. This may make it difficult to sometimes respond or finish a product within a desired or estimated time frame. Therefore I cannot give a precise date / time when your piece will be done. I can, however, give a rough estimate depending on what you have ordered.
    If you wish a piece to be done with a deadline, let me know when you want to order from me and I can tell you if it is possible for me to do. I do my best with deadlines and have never missed them, but they must be reasonable!
  • If you request to receive any other form of format other than .PNG or want a specific resolution, let me know the moment you commission me.
  • If you have any questions (regarding my ToS or anything else), please contact me.

Artist and Client’s rights (commission)

  • I have full rights to the piece I have created. 
  • I have the right to raise the price depending on difficulty of the commission. This includes, but is not limited to: Complicated markings on a character, complicated anatomy, detailed backgrounds, etc.
  • I have the right to refuse a piece for no reason.
  • Unless otherwise discussed I reserve the full right to use the commissioned piece however I please (e.g. prints, promotional material, examples, etc.).
  • The client keeps any rights to their character or characters shown in the image or images.
  • The client has the right to upload the original piece (unedited and with my signature!) to their account / webpage / social media / etc., and they are allowed to use the piece for their own personal use. However, credit must always be given by stating: “Created by: Solus Zelt” with a link to my account / website and / or a link to the original piece that I have uploaded. (And I would highly appreciate this act 😉 )
  • My signature should always stay on my works and should always remain visible.
  • You do not have the right to sell or distribute my artwork in any shape or form unless discussed with me personally.
  • You do not have the right to edit or change the image in any way. This includes, but is not limited to: Removing my signature, changing colours, making use of machine learning or derivative technologies, adding or removing text.
    You may, however, change the size to use as a profile picture for your own personal use if you are the commissioner of the piece as long as you credit me as mentioned previously.
  • You are not allowed to use my pieces for advertisements.
  • Your commission may be worked on during one of my livestreams. If you do not wish this, please inform me the moment you commission me.


  • Your commission details and any other (personal) information I will not put online, or anywhere else. These include, but are not limited to: Full name, address, e-mail. Nor will this information be shared with any other third parties.
  • This information is between you and I. The only thing that will be seen online is your commissioned work and maybe your (online) (nick)name.

Do not repost any artwork I make unless you fully credit me and link back to my profile/website and link to the original artwork. Editing any artwork is not allowed, nor are you allowed to claim the artwork or any characters I draw as your own. You can only claim the character as your own if you are the creator and owner of the character. You cannot claim the artwork as your own in any case. Any characters I draw belong to their owners respectively.

Action will be undertaken if any act goes against the Terms of Service provided here.